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stockton, california latest obituaries. Mis fieles sern protegidos en Mis refugios. My love for you is everlasting and in heaven you will be adoring Me for all eternity., Jesus said: My people, I want to prepare you for My coming Warning by coming to Confession to cleanse your souls. Jesus said: "My people, the Israelites and the Samarians built altars and shrines to their gods, but their hearts were cold to Me. Both Israel and Judah have broken the covenantI made with their ancestors. 23Not even a remnantwill be left to them, because I will bring disaster on the people of Anathoth in the year of their punishment.. 11Therefore this is what theLordsays: I will bring on them a disasterthey cannot escape. Have no fear and trust that My angels will provide for your needs., Saturday, June 20, 2020 In case you missed it, there was a large earthquake in Afghanistan yesterday killing many people. around all military, around jails, around places of torture or abuse. Keep praying for the souls in purgatory so when they come to heaven, they will pray for you in return. Is this also Planet X, Hercolubus, or TRAPPIST-1? Junio 1, 2020 (Partidos de Oposicin planifican el tomo completo de EU) En la capilla del Padre Eterno estamos orando antes el DVD de adoracin. Then in Chapters 13 and 14, because God has pulled back His Divine Hand of Providence, families begin to turn on each other, there is a drought and in particular in Jeremiah 14:10-12, God tells Jeremiah, do not try and pray for His wrath to stop because He has to intercede for the guilt of their sins. Esto puso a los Asirios en confusin y fueron forzados a regresar a sus casas. Welcome to Live and Love For Jesus! Many Prophets are being criticized because of their speaking out in warnings from God, but as evil continues to spread, evil men seek to shut the prophets up by persecution or death. Reconciling What St. Augustine Wrote in Understanding the First Resurrection and the Second Resurrection and Our Discernment of the Harvest! Vive cada da como si fuera tu ultimo da, as que puedes orar y ayudar a las personas mientras tu puedas. Jess dice: Mi gente, estos anarquistas de Vidas Negras Importan, Antifa y sus auspiciadores de la violencia que incrementa especialmente en los estados demcratas y las ciudades. Jesus said: My people, I have been warning you in many messages to be prepared because you will see a worse virus attack in the fall. Blog Post (7/17/19): Prophet John Leary - Messages from Jesus Christ - "Now I am calling, 'Woe to America', for you have heard My words of My Gospel and you have still not repented" - July 16, 2019 Update Blog Post (6/30/19): Prophet John Leary - Messages from Our Lord Jesus Christ - Important Update - June 28, 2019 I love all of you, and I am closest to you when you can receive Me in person. Pray for the sinners to be saved after the Warning., Jesus said: My people, this is the first time you have been to Mass at your own church in three months. Is There Deliberate Deception and Hypocrisy in the Current Papacy (Pope Francis)? I pray to Our Lady as Mary Refuge of Holy Love that the Truth and Light of Heaven be bestowed upon everyone who visits this website. Only My believers will be saved at My refuges. Esto ser despus de la Advertencia, tu necesitas convertir a tus familiares, amistades hacia Mi o ellos podran perderse al infierno. Reflecting on Gods Holy Word on 1 Corinthians 15;51-52 and Revelations 20:1-6. Prayer Group: Here is the information about the Memorial of the Immaculate Heart. How do Current Prophetic Messages Align with Our Church Fathers in These Current Times? Trust in Me to protect you and provide for your needs at My refuges all the way through the coming tribulation., Jesus said: My people, you are all so happy that your churches are finally opening this weekend. 12Although they fast, I will not listen to their cry;though they offer burnt offeringsand grain offerings,I will not acceptthem. Este virus ser regado por toda Amrica y ser lo peor. El tambin menciona Mi nombre en sus charlas, pero los izquierdistas no. It is hard to imagine why some mothers want to kill their babies in the womb by abortion. If we dont choose on national levels in our societies to turn away from sin and the evil that it encompasses, then evil grows exponentially. Tu estas presenciando la maldad en las personas que han regado este virus para reducir la populacin, y evitarlos que vayan a Mis sacramentos. Once you have provided what you can afford, and what space you can use, do not be concerned about having more food, because in faith I can multiply your food and water. Rejoice in My love and My sacraments. Commentaries From Life Site News and Dr. Taylor Marshall. Change). You have been protected for a while in distributing your messages on the internet and in your books and DVDs. This word from Our Lord to John Leary on June 10, 2022, is similar to what we wrote above about the Prophet Jeremiah. You have seen many deaths all over the world from this virus, and many nations have used a shut Friday, May 29, 2020: in . Solo en pocas horas yo pude ver muchos cuerpos morir del virus. Health Blog steve carell house; external barriers to financial success; does tcs give joining bonus to lateral entry; which option is not provided with cloud storage; massachusetts orphanage records; around the sick in the world and around all the dying in the world; around all the elderly and abandoned in the world. Maybe your people will finally wake up to see that you are being persecuted by your governors, who did not want to open My churches. Mis constructores de refugios necesitan rpidamente terminar las preparaciones porque el tiempo de ir a Mis refugios se acerca. In case you did not know it, there was and arch of Baal put up in Washington, D.C. in August of 2018 during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings for a Supreme Court Justice seat. This will allow each refuge to have perpetual Adoration around the clock. 15What is my beloved doing in my templeas she, with many others, works out her evil schemes? Oren para que la polica y la Guardia Nacional puedan controlar las protestas violentas. Thursday, February 23, 2023. Give praise and thanks to Me for every soul that is gifted to you., Jesus said: My people, I see how you are all anxious to be back in church with My Mass. Jesus said: My people, I have told you in many messages how this first wave of the corona virus is why you are living in the pre-tribulation. Instead, I will destroy them with the sword,famineand plague.. In the picture of My Sacred Heart you see an eternal flame of love with a crown of thorns. Wednesday, February 22, 2023: (Ash Wednesday, beginning of Lent) Jesus said: "My son, I am showing you a difficult scene of many dead bodies wrapped in black plastic in a church. Amen. En la Advertencia Yo le dar a cada pecador una segunda oportunidad para que venga hacia Mi en fe hacia una nueva conversin y arrepentimiento por sus pecados. Confen en Mi proteccin cuando sus vidas estn en peligro. You need to leave your home within twenty minutes, and you will not return to your home. Tu puedes ver como los izquierdistas tienen influencia en los medios de comunicacin y educacin ellos quieren lavar el celebro del pueblo irse a lo contrario de amarme Mi, y remplazarme con ideas ateas comunistas. For light at night you may need lamp oil with the lanterns and wicks. You still may have a few virus cases, but your priests have finally opened their doors. First Sunday of Lent Mass Celebrated at St. Marys Parish in Ottawa, Canada. I long to save all souls, but I do not force My love on anyone. Esto ser una bendicin para todos Mis creyentes, para que puedan sobrevivir la tribulacin del Anticristo. police interview transcripts. We have many prophets in this blog that have been warning us, like Jeremiah did, to STOP practicing idolatry, or God will crush the nations. Jesus said: "My people, the freezing rain makes ice all over everything. (Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus), Jesus said: My people, today starts the first celebration of the Two Hearts of My Blessed Mother and Myself. Jesus said: My people, I have told you before that now is the time to take back your freedoms in worshiping Me. From St. John you read how I AM all Love, as I love all of My creatures. Jess dice: Mi gente, ustedes son todos mortales y mueren algn da. Jess dice: Mi hijo, cuando te ped que empezaras un refugio, tu acordaste a seguirme a Mi, a pesar de que tu no sabias todos los proyectos que Yo te dara. Here are consecration prayers for both Sacred Heart and Immaculate Heart. Be Prepared for the Outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Los malvados quieren este tipo de guerra, pero tu gobierno tendr que declarar una ley marcial nacional para proteger a la gente de los malvados. I bring the tongues of fire over all of the faithful of God. Look at the crowds of protesters in your cities. Receive My gifts as I am cleansing the earth of all evil. My angels will build large buildings to house My faithful at every refuge. adyen business analyst salary. 19I had been like a gentle lamb led to the slaughter;I did not realize that they had plottedagainst me, saying. Explanation of the Pardon Crucifix and the Indulgences Received Praying the Holy Rosary with It. You are all happy to see Me in Holy Communion, and your friends. Do not waste your precious time while you have life., Jesus said: My son, I am showing you a time line that leads into the tribulation. You could put some Masses for yourself in your Will for your family to carry out. Tu primero usaste tu herencia para construir la adicin de la capilla, la cocina y el stano. Jess dice: Mi gente, en esta visin tu sales de la oscuridad hacia la Mi luz de libertad ya que regresas a tu segunda parroquia hace tanto tiempo. You have been seeing a decline in Mass attendance over the years, so it will be interesting to see how many people actually come to Sunday Mass. miami dolphins players who have died. Wednesday, May 27, 2020: 7From the time I brought your ancestors up from Egypt until today, I warned them again and again,saying, Obey me.8But they did not listen or pay attention;instead, they followed the stubbornness of their evil hearts. Tu puedes pedir Misas en tu testamento para que la familia pueda cumplir tus deseos. Here is Mother and Refuge of the End Times. En otras palabras, mientras mas buenas obras hagas esto te acortara el tiempo en el purgatorio. After two hurricanes had struck, a message of Jesus to John Leary talked about the two hurricanes, showing no knowledge of the two additional hurricanes to strike in that same year. Jess dice: Mi hijo, tu estas escuchando a Mi voz interna en Mis locuciones para ti cuando estas en silencio despus que me recibes a Mi en la Santa Comunin. Although they cryout to me, I will not listento them. 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God doesnt change nor does He break His Covenant with His Children, WE DO! You need some food to store and a water source. They should not be bailed out by the rich liberals who are paying the anarchists to cause trouble. Latest Videos from Mother and Refuge of the End Times, Quo Vadis, and the Two Preachers. Now this weekend you will see a phased in opening that you had to even register to show you were coming. Hay libertad de expresin, pero el saqueo y quemar propiedades es un crimen y estos anarquistas deben de ir a la crcel. Change), You are commenting using your Facebook account. We offer up all of our suffering, work, joy, and pain and unite them to Our Lord, Jesus Christs Cross for the Salvation of Souls. what was the premier league called before; Ten cuidado de los rocos qumicos porque este es un mtodo que usan los malvados para regar el virus de la gripe y este virus. Unite your hearts with My Heart, and unite your suffering with My suffering on the cross. En la iglesia en la Misa despus de la Santa Comunin, yo puedo ver algunos los abusos contra el sexto mandamiento al no casarse, contraceptivos, y pornografa. More message archives to come as time permits. Jeremiah is serving God by trying to warn Gods Children that they must stop what they are doing because the idolatry and pagan worship has turned many towns into complete evil. Other Tuesday, June 2, 2020: Once you pass through this door of your new life, you will have no more physical pain, and you will only have your spirit body. En la Capilla del Padre Eterno estamos orando y viendo la Misa por el internet. As es hoy en da con Mis discpulos de los ltimos tiempos. Messages are generally posted every two weeks depending on John's schedule. Regocjense en Mi amor y Mis sacramentos. Be prepared for this coming persecution and you could even see some faithful martyred. It is simply a compilation website of heavenly messages believed in by the webmaster (a soul) and all opinions and views expressed in various commentaries and webpages are solely those of a soul. You are invited to visit the official website for HLM at Most of your needs will be provided at your refuge. This alignment happens to take place on the Feast Day of the Sacred Heart in which we all must be consecrated to along with Our Blessed Mothers Immaculate Heart. Do not be surprised to see more violent protests and shootings. Eso ser una escena horrible con tantos cuerpos muertos. Introduction to the Divine Will by Frances Hogan. Yo puedo ver al mundo en un caos por el ataque del virus y los anarquistas quienes estn tratando de derrumbar a Amrica. Ora por convertir a la mayor cantidad de almas que tu puedas, porque tu haz visto la plaga que se avecina en esas personas que me rechazaran a Mi.. Friday, June 10, 2022 June 19, 2022 Este prximo ataque del virus va a hacer mucho mas mortal que el primero, porque los malvados estarn regando qumicos fuertes que contienen el nuevo virus. Have no fear because I will protect My faithful at My refuges., Jesus said: My people, you have been praying that your Masses could be attended in person at your churches. Mas que nada tu tienes un altar y un tabernculo donde tu puedes adorarme a Mi en la sagrada hostia. (LogOut/ Jess dice: Mi gente, en la primera lectura Elas (1 Reyes 17:7-16) encontr con la viuda y su hijo, y ella le hizo una torta para Elas. El desempleo esta a un 14%. Posts In This Blog on The Warning, or Illumination of Conscience. They are using the summer solstice and an annular eclipse to promote their evil plot. Glenn Beck and Dr. Taylor Marshalls Take on the Unidentified Objects. around our children, our relatives, our friends. Valentine) Jesus said: "My son, you were curious why I brought the Flood upon the earth to kill everyone but Noah and his family, who were faithful to Me. I mentioned before how this is just the beginning Friday, June 5, 2020: (St. Boniface) Does this sound familiar? Esto ser cuando las vidas de Mis fieles estn en peligro, que Yo los llamare a la seguridad de Mis refugios. (LogOut/ Luego compraste 22 catres con colchones pequeos. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done. "I find myself now going might avoid a recession entirely in workers' take-home pay. Then in verses 21 through 22, Jeremiah is warning the people that Gods wrath is coming and that the Shepherds are senseless because they do not inquire upon our Lord, and they have scattered the flock. Every sinner will be given a choice to love Me or the world of evil. En el tiempo de los refugios tu no saldrs del rea de la propiedad. norfolk county council pay scales 2020 2021,