MHFA Trainer Training

What will I learn?

MHFA Trainer Training is a 5-day course (usually residential) where you will learn how to deliver the 2-day standard MHFA course or 2-day Youth MHFA course to other adult people. You will learn how to teach them to be aware of the psychological and emotional needs of an adult person and enable them to provide first aid that the person might be experiencing mental and emotional distress. It puts what a person want and their needs at the heart of the training and focuses on promoting their emotional well-being and the factors that help safeguard and protect them. You will also be given the opportunity to practice and improve your facilitation and group work skills.

|What is Mental Health First Aid?


Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is the initial help offered to a person developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis. The MHFA course is a 12 hours’ evidence-based course which teaches members of the general public to provide first aid assistance until the crisis resolves or the individual receives professional help. While the MHFA program does not teach people to provide a diagnosis or treat mental health conditions, it has been established as an effective tool in improving mental health literacy, reducing stigma and increasing helping behaviors. MHFA program is currently being implemented in 25 countries including Bangladesh. Presently more than two million Mental Health First Aiders trained globally.

|How will I learn?

Learning takes place through a range of different methods. The program is highly participatory. Activities include group work, skills practice, facilitation by participants, peer and mentor feedback and plenary sessions delivered by people working in the field of, or with personal experience of mental health issues.


|Trainer Training Program Structure:

Days 1&2 – MHFA standard 2-day Course

Experience the MHFA standard course through highly interactive sessions through delivered presentation, discussions and group work activities.

Day 3 – Listening from experts from the field

You'll hear from a variety of other people with a background in mental health. These sessions could include discussions with people who have experienced mental issues, a carer of someone with mental health issues, or someone from a professional mental health background. Other topics that could be covered are alcoholism, substance misuse and other contributing factors to mental health problems.

Day 4&5 - Facilitated Task

This is your chance to facilitate a session on a specific relevant topic to the course. Your topic will be sent to you in advance of the program. You will receive constructive peer feedback and have a 1:1 feedback session with your mentor. You'll also be expected to do your own study outside of the 5 days. This will include time spent on preparing your own delivery materials for days 4 & 5. You should allow an additional 20 hours’ study time. You'll also have access to your mentor, who will be happy to help if you need some guidance along the way.

|How to be an approved Trainer?

Following the five days training, you'll be required to co-deliver two numbers of 2-day standard MHFA courses within a year to become an approved trainer. The evaluation forms from these 2 courses will need to be submitted for quality assurance purposes prior to you becoming approved. Instructors are only allowed to solo deliver courses once approved. You will be expected to support the organization of these courses. This includes marketing and recruitment, logistical support and access arrangements.

To remain an active MHFA Trainer, you will need to do the following every 12 months:

  • Deliver a minimum of two numbers of 2-day MHFA courses
  • Ensure everyone who attends your MHFA courses receives a manual purchased from Innovation from Wellbeing Foundation and a certificate of attendance.
  • You will have to send the participants’ registration form and course evaluation forms (provided by the IWF) to the Innovation for Wellbeing Foundation immediately after each training.
  • Attend one continuing professional development (CPD) training event either hosted by the IWF or any others that relates to mental health or training skills.


*Course Fee applicable

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