26 March 2015 | 09:00 am

Developing National Training Team (NTT)

IWF in partnership with MHFA England developed and implemented a 10 days long TOT on mental health first aid to train and develop a National Training Team (NTT) for Bangladesh. MHFA England commissioned IWF to arrange selection of the potential candidates for the TOT. After careful review, 16 candidates were finally selected by MHFA England based on their competency and commitment. 

An expert group composed of 5 members including UK National Trainer Fionuala Bonnar and Jeremy Voaden, mhfa Engalnd’s CEO Poppy Jaman, Marketing Head Michael Bryzak and Dr Richard Castle, MHFA instructor came to Bangladesh for two weeks to train national training team and to provide technical assistance to IWF for developing mhfa Bangladesh chapter.

The UK delegates arrived in Dhaka on 23 March and started and extensive visit and meetings with wide range of stakeholders including Ministry of Health, UK Aid, Grameen- Caledonian College of Nursing for introducing mhfa concepts.

MHFA England provided technical support to IWF equivalent to 40K pound to develop a pilot program to introduce internationally accredited Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training and education program for Bangladesh.

Innovation for Wellbeing Foundation and MHFA England has entered into an agreement to further develop a system for developing culturally appropriate training materials based on the training manuals developed and used by MHFA England.