#HelloHappiness: Mental Health Awareness in universities

Innovation for Wellbeing Foundation (IWF) in association with IDLC Finance Limited arranged unique program to inspire the youth to step forward towards a better future by being healthier (physically and mentally) and happier. Over five hundred students along with Deans and Faculty members of Independent University Bangladesh, University of Liberal Arts, Bangladesh and United International University participated in the program to celebrate World Mental Health Day 2017.

The program brought renowned Psychologists, Psychiatrists and Motivational Speakers, meditation facilitator and singers together to create a festive environment to celebrate the power of resilience among youth to cope with all adversity in their daily life and fulfill their dream.

IWF brings special focus on youth mental health to prevent addiction, eve teasing, bullying, rape, violence, terrorism, anti-social behavior of the youth and depression and suicide.

The program focuses on how to improve the positive outlook, creativity humanity, social justice and harmony among youth so that they can use their high voltage energy for the goodness.

The expert panel consists of Prof. Dr Mehtab Khanam, a celebrity Psychologist, Dr Helal Uddin Ahmed, Assistant Professor of National Mental Health Institute, Prof Omar Rahman, Psychiatrist and Vice Chancellor of IUB answered questions to the students on how to manage anger, frustration, relationship issues, to even severe mental health issues like suicidal ideation and behavior. It was overwhelming to see the urge of the students to seek support on their issues and it has become obvious that the academic institutes are failing to listen to the suffering of these young people who are desperate to seek help despite stigma associated with mental illness. It has proven us wrong that the youth are not willing to talk about their mental health issues openly. In fact, they are asking for mental health service providers to listen to them.

Monira Rahman, Founder and Executive Director of Innovation for Wellbeing Foundation said, “Youth Mental Health needs more focus by the academic institutes as they often become more vulnerable to mental health problems and if effective measures are not taken care of at early stage, youth may face a life-long sufferings’. She added, “all teachers should have knowledge and skills to provide mental health first aid so that they can assist their pupil when they are in emotional needs”.

Ayman Sadiq, the founder of 10-minute school also conducted a lively session on leading an optimistic life. Participants also engaged in a meditation session taken by Rusaasvaad, founder of Satori Meditation Center which provided the participants a basic guide on meditation. He helped the audience on how to listen to silence.

The event reached a new height when D Rockstar Shuvo along with Zerif Ahmed completed the evening with an enchanting musical session.

Jane Alam Romel, Group Chief Marketing Officer of IDLC said, “As a responsible brand and the largest financial institute of the country we always believe in inspiring the youth. We hope this event will motivate them to step towards a successful and happier life.”