National training team profile

The first and only accredited National Trainers in Bangladesh for Mental Health First Aid courses are: 

  1. Kamal UA Chowdhury, Associate Professor, Clinical Psychology Department of Dhaka University
  2. Tanzir Ahmmad Tushar, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Rajshahi University
  3. Shahana Bilkis, Assistant. Professor, Dhaka College
  4. Umme Kawser- Lecturer, Educational and Counseling Psychology Department of Dhaka University
  5. Razima Selim Chowdhury- Deputy Director & Senior Lecturer, Bangla Language Institute, Independent University
  6. Md. Khalid Hasan, Lecturer, Institute of Disaster Management and Vulnerability Studies, University of Dhaka
  7. MD. Kabiruzzaman, Associate Professor, Bangladesh College of General Practitioners (BCGP)
  8. Azizur Rahman Khan, MD, Vision and Method, a consulting firm 
  9. Anisa Khatoon, Chief Consultant, A4 Consultants,  Management and Human Resource Consultancy
  10. Fatema Pervin Putul, Advocacy Coordinator, ADD International
  11. Parveen Sultana Rabbi, Trainer, Press Institute of Bangladesh (PIB)
  12. Dr. Nazia Haque Oni, Senior Sector Specialist, Health at BRAC
  13. Md Rashedul Islam Khan, Head of Studio, Thirdeye Communication
  14. Tanvir Ahmed, Trainee counseling psychologist. Department of education and counseling psychology, University of Dhaka
  15. Zohora Parveen, Clinical Psychologist, Nasirullah Psychotherapy Unit, Project of Clinical Psychology Department, Dhaka University
  16. Monira Rahman, Founder and CEO, Innovation for Wellbeing Foundation