Plan of Action for MHFA in Bangladesh

Mental Health First AID Project Timeline

APRIL 2015- JULY 2015


  • Product Development: Manual, Workbook, slides, video
  • Funding
  • Organizational Development: System Structure



  • Develop Contract for NTT: Code of conduct;
  • MOU with MHFA England and Australia;
  • Resource mobilization: training material development, piloting or sponsored training, communication materials, website, Office Space, logistics etc.


  • Adaptation of Manual, workbook, slides, video, art work etc for 2 days’ standard training;
  • Finalize ALGEE, frame of reference & case studies in Bengali;
  • Review and select existing relevant statistics for slides (select from facilitated task of the NTT members, research existing articles/research papers);
  • Resource mapping for referral services for encourage professional help;
  • Printing manual/work book etc.

Pricing: material, trainer, venue, refreshment, transport, quality assurance, logistics/overhead etc


  • by NTT within their own organization;
  • Prepare communication strategies;
  • Develop website, face book, flyers/brochures etc.


  •  by NTT within their own organization
  • GCCN 

Networking and partnership building: 

  • Government: MOH, Fire Service, PIB;
  • Donor: DFID, WHO;
  • Educational Institutes- DU, RU, IUB, Dhaka College, GCCN, BRAC University etc;
  • NGOs- ADD, TARANGA,  BRAC etc.



  • OD - Monira,  Asad, Shahana, Anisa;
  • Content/ Materials - All NTT members;
  • Promotional - Rashedul, Rabbi, Putul, Banee;
  • Fund Raising - Monira, Asad, Kamal, Shahana, Razima.
August 2015- December 2015


  • Observe World Mental Health Day;
  • Fund raising;
  • MHFA Training;


Observe World Mental Health Day:

  • Facilitate national level dialogue on addressing stigma associated with mental illness and promoting the needs of the people with mental health problems and their care givers (engage celebrity, youth leaders, media, GOB, donor, NGOs, educational institutes and possible all stakeholders)

MHFA Training: 

  • Fine-tuning of Training Product;
  • Continue training in existing area: see above;
  • Quality assurance/reporting.


  • continue existing: see above;
  • Expand: Police Staff College, Fire Service;
  • Networking with other MHFAs;

Fund Raising:

  • Research relevant donors;
  • Develop proposals;
  • Donor communication.


  • Campaign - Putul, Rashedul, Tusher, Kabir, Banee;
  • Training - Rabbi, Tanvir, Lata, Asad, Khalid;
  • Fund Raising - Monira, Asad, Kamal, Anisa.